Yes, you can visit Cuba legally under one of 12 categories authorized by the US Department of the Treasury, although tourism in Cuba remains forbidden for Americans.
The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) lifted some of the travel restrictions to Cuba after January 2015. There are several tour organizers and Non Profit Organizations operating travel to Cuba under general License for People to People contact.
In Touch Travel has been licensed to organize trips to Cuba since 2012. We have granted the specific license to travel to Cuba for certain educational exchanges not involving academic study pursuant to a degree program – 31 C.F.R. § 515.565(b)(2) from OFAC...
... to organize and promote travels to Cuba where U.S. Citizens will be engaged in one-on-one cultural exchanges with Cuban people. And yes! You can travel to Cuba under our scheduled programs.
The core of the activities we promote in our programs have been handpicked by our Cuban-born President and Product Manager Elmer Castillo, who has been living in the U.S. for more than 5 years. That's why our programs are richer than the schedules proposed by other tour organizers. Besides, all our tour leaders have visited Cuba several times and they are both English and Spanish speakers.
After knowing that you can travel to Cuba with us, you may question yourself why you should enroll in this kind of trip.
First, Cuba is our nearest neighbor without land border. Second, you will be traveling to an island that has been banned for U.S. Citizens for more than 50 years of embargo. Then, you will meet people with avid interests about what is going on in the world farther than the island's shore. There are various reasons why you should join us on a trip to Cuba, but the best of all: you will be part of the wind of changes currently blowing in that Island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.
After crossing that curtain of time you will be sharing experiences on a daily basis through the programs and meetings we have scheduled such as getting together with artists and young entrepreneurs in Baracoa -the easternmost city of Cuba-, an encounter with volunteers at the Missionary Cultural and Animation Center in Santiago or the visit to the Museum of Stone in Yateras-Guantanamo, to spend a day with farmers and workers who preserve the endemic fauna and flora in the region and have created an unique Zoo of Stone in their yard.
It's time to get closer. That is what we want to promote between U.S. Citizens and the Cuban people: to get closer exchanging with them our cultural roots and our believing of a better future for our two countries.