The light that always accompanies her appears in her works: Yudit Vidal Faife finds inspiration in the persons she loves, in the magic of Trinidad, in a tradition she discovered among threads, wings and brushes to weave by memory the wonder of an ancestral trade, with women´s hand and soul.

Always looking for the human and the mystic, the renowned visual artist from this colonial city, particularly located at the center south of Cuba, summoned one day 20 local craftswomen and charmed them with her idea: to merge in the canvass the provoking drawing line and the sensuality of embroidery or knitting, leaving full and complex contemporary life to flow freely.

Thus, works born among threads and brushes were touched by that halo of light of the spirits that reign in her studio-gallery “Pincelada Colonial”, a kind of creative shelter where the visitor may appreciate the passion placed on a work, the force of a brush stroke, the gentleness of the embroidery and the subtleness of the subjects; and behind it all, the sensitivity of this artist inscribed, according to Doctor Alicia García Santana, within the pictorial projection established by the great Servando Cabrera.

Legacy and modernity are intermingled in this more than aesthetic project of deep cultural and social sense, to sublime through artistic creation an event that has become the main scene in the city of Trinidad: the revival of one of the oldest traditions of the villa, turned today into economic gain.

“Beings of the tiny immensity” is another project started by Yudit; she was overwhelmed by the children´s tenderness, visited the Clodomira Acosta day care center and invited them to a colorful and joyful feast.  The little ones cut and draw their own world until they are capable of appreciating beauty and grow up like better human beings.


Many of their mischief, their crafty faces, their innocent looks, are also exhibited at “Pincelada Colonial”, which proposes an encounter with the most genuine art of a half-a-century-old villa, visited by tourists from all over the world and stuck to its traditions.

And from this window open to the way of life of a small colonial city, Cuban art conferences are held, with emphasis on the local artistic traditions and the importance of women´s art; and space is givn to develop workshops for the creation and exhibition of works resulting from such encounters.

Vidal Faife began her training in 2008 at the Oscar Fernández Morera Arts Academy, located in the city, and graduated from the Higher Art Institute (ISA) in visual arts, linked to the conservation of movable assets; however, painting is her greatest passion, and has to date over 36 personal and collective exhibitions, besides a number of acknowledgements received for her creative work, her sensitivity and perseverance, the most outstanding of which is Universal Ambassador for Peace, awarded by the International Circle of Ambassadors for Peace, based on Switzerland and France.

Her work is included in the “Genesis and Artists” catalog, is reproduced in several domestic use objects as part of the Artex “Art at Home” project, and also belongs to international and private collections, as in the case of “Imago Mundi Project” by Luciano Benetton and the Cuban Art Museum in Vienna.

Yudit´s restless spirits have inspired her today; while we share a cup of coffee and the emotion of her creations, we are privileged to attend to the birth of a new picture and, from the intimacy of her studio-gallery we found, among lines and fabrics, the identity of a city and its people.